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Creating a report is as easy as 1,2,3. Here's how:
1. Expand the first panel by clicking the header, if not already expanded.
a. Expand the report categories by clicking the (->) to the left of the category description.
b. Click the report you want to produce. **Note that the grid-style reports have an icon like a small grid and the SQL Server reports use a book icon.
2. Enter criteria to limit the data selection.
a. Enter selection criteria by choosing a comparison operator (e.g. "=") and the value to be used for comparison.
b. Click the [Apply Filter] button to create the report with your selection criteria. The [Reset Filter] button resets all filters to their default (initial) setup.
3. Control the report display and export options.
a. For the grid style reports, click the [CSV Export] button at the top of the page to export the report to an Excel file. The drop-down list at the bottom of the page specifies the number of rows to include in the report. A set of links on the grid control allows paging though the report in the browser.